PRX A Documents (in pdf format)

The KPN PRX Story (in Dutch) New

A Eugoly for PRX/A

PRX A Trunking Diagram

PRX Overview Presentation

PRX A PTR Overview van t'Slot and Laarakker

PRX Brochure

Philips Marketing Film part 1 and Philips Marketing Film part 2 Both from You Tube

Philips Marketing Document

Philips Telecommunications Review article on Jersey by Chris Barrow

PRX in the UK

The Holden Machine

PRX 25 Years On

PRX Containers

PRX A Hardware Reference Manual Part 1

PRX A System Manual

TCP 18 Software Application Manual Part 1

Full version of the Systems Manuals can be made available on request, please use contact page

Any other document or image may also be requested

PRX is copyright of Alcatel-Lucent